10 Top Storage Tips

10 Top Storage Tips – Wigan

The Storage Team, Wigan have put together 10 top storage tips for our customers to use as a guide. Storing things properly means that when the time comes to access or move them, the process becomes so much easier.

1. Ask an expert – people often over-estimate the size of room they need so make use of advisors on site on how you best make use of your room

2. See for yourself – whilst you can see storage rooms online there’s no substitute for having a look at a storage room and the facility itself with your own eyes to see if it’s suitable.

3. Make sure your goods are well protected with transit blankets or sofa and mattress covers – a small short-term outlay on furniture protection can save your expensive items being damaged.

4. Plan your pack – if moving items in yourself bring them in an order that will be practical for you – you don’t want a box with your passports in stuck at the back of the storage room!

5. Make the most of your room by stacking your goods to the ceiling with heavier, sturdier boxes at the bottom and lighter, delicate items on top.

6. Don’t overfill large boxes with heavy items like books, you’ll give yourself a hernia when you tryto lift them!

7. Be aware that stacking heavy, sharp-edged items onto leather sofas can cause creasing. Likewise, standing sofas on their end may save space but could cause the arms to become mis-shaped.

8. If storing a fridge keep the door ajar with a piece of folded cardboard to allow air to circulate and prevent mould.

9. Don’t waste time and space by removing drawers from cabinets or chests of drawers, instead use shrink wrap to improve stability and make them easier and safer to move.

10. Save space by filling wardrobes with bin-bags filled with your linen and clothing.

This list is intended as a guide and if you have any further enquiries, call The Storage Team today on (01942) 508 050.

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