3 Ways Our Office Space and Business Services Could Help Grow Your Business

Growing your business into a success can be difficult if you don’t have the resources and space to be organised and professional, which are both key to expanding your business and gaining a loyal customer following. The cost of office rental and business rates can also prevent your business from growing as your small business may not have the available funds. So, if you’re operating your business from home and are stuck in a rut with no room to expand your business successfully, The Storage Team Wigan have office space Wigan solutions that will significantly benefit your business.

Workshop Space Wigan

Cluttering your home with the goods that you are wanting to sell is a recipe for disaster. Home life can be chaotic at the best of times, and if your goods are caught up in this chaos it’s likely that they can get damaged or lost, which not only means losing profits, your business will also look unprofessional if you’re to sell these damaged items. If your work life is disrupting your home life too much, The Storage Team in Wigan can help.

We have secure workshop space at an affordable price where you can store all of your stock without committing to a lengthy lease. All of our workshops are fully equipped with lighting and power and the sizes range from 25 sq ft to 500 sq ft to accommodate all of your stock. Depending on the amount of stock you have, we are able to increase and decrease the amount of space quickly to save you even more money. You could have all of the benefits of having your own workshop space without service charges, energy costs or maintenance fees!

Office Space Wigan

Having a comfortable space for your employees to work in is vital to your business’ development. An official work space will make your employees happier and more productive. However, we understand that renting office space is not always feasible due to financial restrictions.

However, renting office space with The Storage Team Wigan is a significantly cheaper alternative. With The Storage Team Wigan there’s no need to commit to a long term contract or pay VAT. We love freebies and there are many included in our rented office space, including free kitchen facilities, free customer parking, and free wifi. Our office space benefits include heating, electricity and water, and an office with The Storage Team will give you that professional image that your business deserves.

Mailbox Services

mailboxes wigan

When your customer receives your goods it’s important that they’re presented with professional packaging and an official address to help build trust and reputation. If you are in need of a professional virtual address in Wigan, we can help. The Storage Team Wigan can receive and dispatch mail on your behalf. Having a virtual address can increase your enquiry rate and give you a bigger presence in the Wigan area. Try our mailbox services for just £5.00+VAT a week!

The Storage Team Wigan Business Services

All of our business services are simple and cheap ways of creating a professional image which will significantly help your business to grow as you gain more trust and a positive reputation. There is no reason not to take advantage of these services, so give us a call today on 01942 50 80 50 to inquire about how we can help you and watch your business grow and grow!


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