A Guide to Virtual Offices by The Storage Team Wigan

Our specialism is in storage for personal and business use, that’s why we called ourselves The Storage Team. We’ve proved by now that the way we can meet your storage needs, and the feedback we’ve had from customers in Wigan proves we’re doing things right!

With this in mind, we felt we had more to offer Wigan so we’ve expanded the list of services that we offer, introducing virtual offices.

‘A virtual office? What’s one of those?’ you might be asking… Read on to find out!

What’s a virtual office?

In a nutshell, a virtual office is an address and mailbox rolled into a compact package. Hundreds of them can be located together in buildings dedicated to providing this service or, like at The Storage Team Wigan, they can be offered as an extra service

Virtual offices can be packaged with a range of features, such as a receptionist to handle calls and access to meeting rooms, or they can be kept simple.

A minimal cost is normally associated with leasing a virtual office, but compared to renting an actual office space, they work out as a bargain! In addition to this no lease is normally required, although some providers may insist on a minimum term.

Virtual offices storage team

Why would anyone want one?

The benefits of virtual offices change depending on how big your business is.

If you’re just starting out or only operate a small enterprise, you might currently work from home. A virtual office gives you the chance to pick up a more official address that can be given to clients or customers, affecting how your business is viewed by the world and helping you to avoid having to give out your personal address.

You might also start to see improved sales and conversions as, in general, people will be more confident dealing with an established business with a physical address.

If your business is larger, up to the national level, you can still reap the benefits of virtual offices. Maybe the biggest among these benefits is the chance to stray into new regions of the UK with no need to establish yourself with a physical office. A virtual address can also improve your presence on the internet, helping you to strengthen your reputation in brand new areas.

To put it simply, it’s not always smart to pay for a real office and the associated costs that come with it. Instead, you can take steps towards expansion with a virtual office.

OK, but why is The Storage Team the best choice for virtual offices?

Our reputation in Wigan is great and we’ve demonstrated that we take our customers needs seriously, providing the self storage service that they deserve. You can count on the fact that the virtual offices at The Storage Team will operate just as efficiently.

Self storage units

If you need them, our storage units are also conveniently available to rent. This can save you from having to rent more expensive warehouse space while also making us a one stop shop for your business operation.

To finish it all of, our virtual offices are bargains! For a small mailbox and virtual address, you’ll pay £7+VAT a week. For a larger, package-ready mailbox and virtual address, the weekly cost is £7.50+VAT.

St Helens Virtual Offices

Now you know what a virtual office is, why you’d need one, and why we’re a great choice.

No matter whether your business is small or large, if you want to grow in Wigan with a virtual office or a commercial storage unit, contact us online or call 01942 50 80 50!

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