Boost Your Ebay Business With The Storage Team

Ebaying is big business these days and if used cleverly you can turn a mediocre business into a successful and established professional eBaying business. If you’re thinking about taking your eBay business to the next level then we have a few tips and tricks here at The Storage Team Wigan to help propel your eBay business. Take a look at our eBayer storage service.


Easier Management of Your Ebay Business

If you have lots of goods to sell on eBay it can be overwhelming managing everything at once and you may need a helping hand. Good management is key to any successful business, it helps you sell quicker and makes you appear more professional when items are sent on time. With our help you can focus on other business matters as we free up some of your time. With our eBayer storage service we can distribute your parcels on your behalf without you even having to be on the premises. We ensure a speedy delivery service with our multiple couriers who visit our facility on a daily basis. Think of us as an employer in your business without having to pay a huge salary. We will help you manage your goods so you can focus on selling!


Ebayer Storage Service

Storing your goods at home can be chaotic and is bad for business as your items are likely to get damaged or lost amongst other household items. Having a clean space to store your items will allow you to see clearly all the items you have to sell and quickly select and package them once they are sold. We have secure storage units available for you to safely store your eBay goods which you can access 24/7. From just £5.00 +VAT a week, plus no business rates, service charges or repair costs, you certainly won’t be out of pocket as this will be a small cost worth investing in.


Professional Mailing Address

To best way to boost your eBay business is to create a professional image and make your business appear bigger than it actually is. One way to do this is to use a professional mailing address as advertising your home address can be bad for business and make you seem untrustworthy. We’ll receive your mail on your behalf and using the address of a big facility will give a great impression to your customers and build trust with long term, loyal customers.


There are so many benefits to our eBayer storage service, so why not give it a try? You can book an appointment to come and visit our storage facility in Wigan by calling 01942 50 80 50.

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