Christmas Storage Solutions for Wigan Santas

Christmas is fast approaching and Santas (read: parents) all across Wigan are scrambling for hidden spaces in their homes to store presents.

Children have keen present-seeking senses so, even if you do find the perfect hiding spot, there’s still a chance that they’ll sniff out their presents just before the big day.

What’s the solution to this? Christmas storage at The Storage Team in Wigan!


Santas Storage Units

We’re here to offer festive salvation from prying kids, with loads of small storage units available in our Wigan storage facility.

For regular Christmas present storage, one of our 10sqft rooms should be more than enough. About as large as a telephone box, one of these rooms will easily fit several sacks worth of small to medium gifts. You could even use the extra space to store other Christmas items, like boxes of crackers or house decorations.

If you’re looking for something to handle larger presents like a bicycle, a trampoline, or football goal posts, our 25sqft rooms are probably more appropriate. These rooms are approximately the size of an average garden shed and make great Christmas present storage spaces for multiple children, or even the whole family!

Hiding Christmas presents has never been easier than it is with Wigan small storage units.


Christmas Tree Storage

Not only is The Storage Team in Wigan ideal for storing Christmas presents, it’s also perfect for keeping your Christmas tree and tree decorations in, either just in the run up to Christmas or year-round.

Christmas tree storage helps to keep your house decluttered and saves space in your attic or shed for the things you need immediately available.



Since you’re already spending money on presents, we understand that you don’t want to spend too much on a place to store them. That’s why our prices for Christmas present storage rooms are as low as they are!

A 10sqft room is just £7.50+VAT weekly.

If you need more space to store more presents, a 25sqft room costs £14.50+VAT weekly.


Book Your Christmas Storage Today!

We’ve got storage units available today, ready for Wigan’s Santas to fill with their secret presents.

To inquire about or book one of our 10sqft or 25sqft rooms, contact us today through our online contact form or call 01942 50 80 50 to find out more about our christmas present and christmas tree storage!


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