What To Look For In Commercial Storage

There are many reasons to use a self storage company, from storing possessions during a house move to simply making room for a thorough spring clean. One of the fastest rising uses for storage, however, is for small businesses that operate online without their own significant premises. These businesses can benefit massively from great commercial storage.

Different business models can benefit from using commercial storage in different ways. For example, ECommerce businesses looking for space to store products can skip out on the costs of a warehouse, tradesmen are able to keep all of their tools in one convenient location, and offices no longer have to store archived documents in their stationary room.

Here at The Storage Team, we understand that choosing the right commercial storage for your business is important. This guide is here to help you to figure out what factors you should consider as you look for the right storage company for you!

Size of Space

First up – you need to know what size storage unit you require. Almost every storage company you investigate will have a range of choices of size, usually ranging from cupboard sized to upwards of 200sqft. Don’t just assume that the storage facility you’re looking at meets your size needs, though, make sure to check!

To get an idea of how big a storage unit you need, use this guide that approximates the capacity of our rooms at The Storage Team Wigan:

commercial storage size

General Convenience

Nobody wants to go out of their way to reach their commercial storage unit, so it’s essential that the facility you end up choosing is situated in convenient reach of your home or office. Look for locations near motorways or A roads for easy access!

In addition to this, you should check what other services you can benefit from as some storage companies offer virtual office and mailbox services that can improve how your business is perceived by customers or clients.

Safety and Security

One of the most important elements of a commercial storage unit is ensuring your choice is safe and secure. It’s likely that you’ll be keeping expensive items in storage so minimising your risk by looking for the most secure facility is imperative.

Key things to look out for in storage facilities include considerable CCTV presence, room alarms, and easily available padlocks. These will help you and your business avoid costly, preventable losses.

secure commercial storage

The Right Price

Each factor mentioned so far are important in their own right, but if a storage company’s prices are simply too high then they won’t count at all. Finding a storage unit at the right price is even more important for commercial use than it is for personal use, as excessive overhead costs can negate the value in self storage.

Keep a note of prices when doing your research and compare each facility to see which one offers the best value. Lots of storage companies often have deals on too, so keep an eye open for these to capitalise on low introductory rates!

Make the Right Commercial Storage Choice

If you keep these tips on finding the right storage unit in mind, you’re less likely to choose the wrong storage company and have a bad storage experience.

At The Storage Team in Wigan, we’re proud of our range of room choices, the security of our facility, and how convenient we make storage. If you’re seeking commercial storage in Wigan, you may have found the right choice for you already!

To learn more about how we can help to give you a great commercial storage experience, have a look around our website today or contact us by calling 01942 50 80 50.

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