How Our Packing Materials Can Protect Your Storage Items

Did you know that we can supply everything you need to protect your belongings when moving house or putting them into storage? Whether you’re packing up your whole life, your office, or just the garden shed, our moving packs and packing materials will enable you to do it without causing any damage to your stuff in the process.

Between the storage items we sell, our removals team, and our storage facility, the only part of your move that you need to take care of yourself is actually packing the boxes.

Our range of boxes, storage covers, and tapes

You may have lived your whole life up to this point without wondering how people protect their armchairs when loading them onto a removals van. However, the chances are that, as soon as you reserve your storage facility, questions like this will become a high priority. It’s at that point that you’ll be pleased to discover that we sell storage covers for armchairs, as well as for mattresses of all sizes. It couldn’t be easier to protect your furniture with these purpose designed storage covers.

For larger and less uniformly shaped items like sofas, we have shrink wrap, bubble wrap and tape, which can easily be fashioned into custom fitting storage covers.

For the smaller items you need to wrap up, we have hard wearing packing paper available. Then of course, for everything else there are boxes. Home mover’s boxes come in two sizes and we also sell archive boxes perfect for packing up the office. In addition, you don’t even need to take your clothes off their hangers to move them if you choose our hanging garment carrier.

Lots to move? We have two sizes of home movers packs available. These include boxes, storage covers and more. Buying these items in a pack will get you a discount.

Why buy your packing materials from The Storage Team?

We know it’s tempting to pack your things into the mountain of old shoe boxes, wine boxes, and bags for life that you have ready and waiting around the house and of course you can just load your mattress onto the van and store it unprotected. But believe us when we say that we’ve also seen the potential downfalls of doing these things and it’s often not worth skimping on the appropriate materials.

If your possessions are worth taking with you when you move and worth storing, that means that they’re worth protecting too and old boxes and bags just aren’t fit for purpose. You need something new, clean and designed for the job. We’re not going to get rich selling parcel tape and bubble wrap; we’re saying this from experience on your behalf.

You’ll thank yourself when you are able to lift all of your clothes right out of the wardrobe and into a sturdy hanging garment carrier. You’ll thank us even more when you finally take your mattresses out of their storage covers and they’re as good as new.

Our packing materials are designed to protect your belongings in many different ways. Ask us about our moving packs today by calling 01942 50 80 50 and find out the small price of keeping your possessions in great shape while in storage.

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