Use Storage Space To Add Value To Your Home

Are you looking for ways to add value and sell your home quicker? At The Storage Team Wigan we have simple ways of adding value to your home and giving that great first impression that will speed up the sale process. Simply making more space in your home will make it seem bigger and increase its appeal with potential buyers, helping them to better envision the potential. Take advantage of some of the best storage space Wigan can offer at The Storage Team to declutter the rooms that may be deterring potential buyers.

Here’s how we can help with the huge milestone of preparing your home for sale…

Declutter Your Home

Many people feel the need to make huge changes to their home in order to make it more appealing to buyers, when in fact this could be less beneficial to you. Why spend on huge building costs to make your home bigger and more appealing when there are simple little things that can be done to enhance your home?

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Before you go ripping out walls and adding extensions, consider making the most of what you have. When a room is cluttered it looks smaller than it actually is. Simply having a clear out and maximising the space in these rooms will allow potential buyers to see exactly how much space is available, hopefully leaving them pleasantly surprised with just how big the space is.

Decluttering your home is an inevitable task that you’ll have to complete when you move out anyway, so why not start sorting out your belongings now while you’re trying to sell? Luckily, you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable place to put your belongings as we have the most secure storage space Wigan can offer to hold them for as long as you need.

We have storage space available starting from as little as £3.00+VAT per week! So whether it’s garden furniture, clothes, books or anything else that is cluttering your home and stopping you from showing its potential, we can store it securely. Our prices are much lower than building costs for an extension!

Redecorate Or Renovate Your Home  

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If your home does need renovating however, The Storage Team in Wigan can help with this too. While you’re redecorating or renovating your home you don’t want your treasured possessions to get damaged in the process. It can be chaotic when decorating your home, so it’s easy for items to get broken or covered in paint!

Keep your furniture or other belongings safely tucked away in our storage units while you redecorate. We have storage rooms available from 10 sqft up to 300 sqft, so no matter how much you need to store, we can accommodate it.              

Book Your Storage Space Wigan!

So whether you’re simply decluttering your home or having a big renovation, we can make the process easier for you by safely storing your belongings so you can focus on the task at hand.

Call The Storage Team in Wigan today on 01942 50 80 50 to book our storage units.

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