Who Can Benefit From Self Storage Units in Wigan?

Most of us will visit a storage facility at some point in our lives, as they come in handy in a variety of situations. Whether for those temporary storage needs like moving home or cleaning out your winter wardrobe for summer, or bigger life events such as going travelling or setting up a business, storage units can make many people’s lives easier. Our self storage units in Wigan are versatile spaces and can benefit you in a range of ways, here are just some of them!

Going travelling?

Going travelling for a long period of time requires a lot of thought about what to do with the life you’re temporarily leaving behind.

Maybe you’re giving up your property to go travelling for a year or so and need a place to store your possessions? It’s not possible to take all of your belongings with you while you travel but you want to keep them gathered and secure at home. To ensure that you come back to your belongings in the same condition that you left them, use our safe, secure storage units.

Office space for your business

If you’re a business owner who wants to reduce office rent costs, or you’re just starting up a business and need a professional space and address, our office space at The Storage Team Wigan is just what you need!

business space in wigan

Our office space could significantly benefit your business as you’ll be cutting the cost of expensive office rent while also benefiting from free car parking, Wi-Fi, free use of the kitchen facilities, and access 6 days per week! All of our office spaces are fully equipped with electricity, heating, and water.

If you want your business to succeed you need a professional address to present to your clients and customers. Not only do these offices look good they give your business the professional address it deserves!

Moving home

Our storage units can be used for however long you need them. When moving home you may need to store your possessions throughout the transitional period. From just £3.00+VAT a week, your belongings will be safe and secure while you move from one property to another.

home mover storage

We understand that moving home can be a stressful experience, so we’re here to make this process as smooth as possible by not only storing your belongings, but also by moving them between properties with our removal service. The Removal Team will help remove your goods safely or you can take advantage of our free van hire to do it yourself, either way we’re here to help!

Book Your Self Storage Units in Wigan Today!

This is not an exhaustive list of the many benefits of our storage units as there are many ways that you may use them. Our self storage units range from 10 sq ft to 300 sq ft so there is something for everyone! Get in touch today to book your self storage unit by calling us on 01942 50 80 50 or check out more reasons to use The Storage Team for storage in Wigan.

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